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TOPIC: Plz help me setting New Diagnostic Center

Re:Plz help me setting New Diagnostic Center 5 years 5 months ago #3860

even i am planning to setup a new diagnositic centre for myself. I have learnt a lot from this forum. Lets not let this forum dry and start imparting knowledge we have gained from our experience.

Lets start with.

1. How to buy a good ultrasound.
2. How to buy a X ray Machine.
3. How to buy a Ct scanner.
4. How to design a building.
5. How to set up electrical and generator etc.

Please send your views....
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Re:Plz help me setting New Diagnostic Center 5 years 5 months ago #3862

there are many steps to setting up a centre....
    decide location..wether ownership or leased....if leased make the lease for at least 5-7 years at the very beginning.
    decide the modalities you want to set up....for this you will need to do a market survey of existing diagnostic centers their workload, referral pattern, cut system.....basically if you manage to find a virgin territory then your project is safe and your are eventually bound to succeed. the tricky part is to enter a competitive market and stand ones ground....
    decide the model for each equipment ....to do this you will have to consider the type and amount of work you will be getting.....eg. a 500 mas x ray will be needed if you have to do spine or abdomen radiographs....but if you are only expecting chest and extremity work then a 100 mas machine will suffice....this logic applies to all modalities and will help you decide if you need a
    portable/ gray scale / doppler / portable doppler machine.
    single slice/4/6/16/64 slice ct.
    conventional/ computed/digital x ray.
    darkroom fluoro/ iitv.
    keep in mind that as the equipment becomes more n more technically advanced not only the initial cost increases but the maintainence costs ( amc/cmc) increase too.....so keeping this in mind make a prudent choice .....normally you have to buy equipment which is on par with your competitors so usually the choice is not such a difficult one.....eg. if your nearest competitor has a 4 slice ct then you have to acquire atleast 4 slice ct otherwise you are starting with a marketing disadvantage.
    if you are opting for refurbished equipment be sure to buy it from the original company ( factory refurbished products) and not from other 3rd party companies.....because all our equipment is hight technology equipment and other companies may not be able to service it effectively or have access to spares in the future.....
    negotiate the cost of cmc/amc after expiry of the warranty period beforehand...be clear about what is covered and what is not....once you buy the machine then you are bound to the company ....they may overcharge you for the maintenance contracts if you dont freeze them at the very beginning....
    prepare a project report of your venture ...see the balance sheet .....calculate the break even time....for x ray & usg you should break even in 2-3 yrs , for ct in 3-4 yrs ....after that is your time for earning profits....and finally all equipment deteriorates over time so after 6-7 yrs it will be time to buy new machines so you have to recover your investment , earn profit and also generate money for future new equipment in this time.....
    on the basis of this project report you will then know how many patients do you need to do for each modality to break even in 2/3/4 years....see if this number is realistic...if this number is not realistic then you have to rethink....start small and then expand once you build up a referral base etc....
    remember radiology practice is different from other specialities....one has to be a ruthless businessman here...flattery , bribery , undercutting are routine business practices.....be sure you know what you are getting into beforehand because once you are in there is no getting out....haha

    BEST OF LUCK......
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Re:Plz help me setting New Diagnostic Center 5 years 5 months ago #3874

Dr. Sham Sunder Goyal

I request you, also go through the Three part Article regarding "Setting Up A Diagnostic Centre" by Dr.R.J.Yadav in his Blog.
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