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TOPIC: Why did you choose radiology ?

Why did you choose radiology ? 7 years 7 months ago #1015

  • Dr. Rakhi Parikh
  • Dr. Rakhi Parikh's Avatar
I have good score my entrance. Now waiting for counseling!

I am bit confused about choosing field for Post-graduation.

I would like to ask you one simple question..

Why did you choose radiology as a career? (I'm not looking for the lifestyle kind of answers...rather I am wondering if the technology aspect excites you, etc.)

I am having a tough time choosing between Gyneac and Rads. I really like both, but I feel like Rads is best for my personality and interests. I am just curious what Radiology Residents folks find appealing about this Radiology specialty...and whether what I perceive as cool things about rads are, in fact, correct perceptions.

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Re:Why did you choose radiology ? 7 years 7 months ago #1016

  • Pankaj Patil
  • Pankaj Patil's Avatar
Rakhi, it depends on your liking and interest.

Both are damn good fields, if you interested in it. As a girl, MD Gyneac field would be more easy, demanding and lucrative option for you. But nowdays, because of lifestyle and duty hours Radiology is getting hotter among Girls also.

Still i would like to advice - 'don't put any faith in others
advice--they are biased looking at it from there own perspective--yours is different.'

Just think ahead after few years. Because, you are going to be dedicating 70% of your awake life to that field in future! So it is the most important thing to consider & think over your future life. Any branch is heaven --really need to love it to do it!

I have picked this field as my career because of following points--

Radiology is that medical specialty where you can choose working hours, have limited but definite control of your schedule, see patients enough but not too much, impact patient care without the stress or backbreaking labor of surgery or the tedium of clinic.

Enjoy your weekends, when young and carefree get laid all night and still be able to function at work, when older have a stable enough schedule to spend time with your kids and wife.

Radiology is the challenge of pictorially solving a puzzle--noting what is and whats not there, pulling meaning from subtle signs and using arcane medical trivia to solve a diagnostic dilemma. Its fun, easy to keep up with, and generally pulls in bright and humorous colleagues to practice it with.

And of course it is lucrative and most demanding field !:)

Good Luck
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Re:Why did you choose radiology ? 7 years 7 months ago #1021

  • manoj
  • manoj's Avatar
its difficult to choose branch when u have score.in our gujarat radiology brach filled not eraly.but in last 12 year tend had changed.from 93-94 year there is increase in demand of radiology as top branch.so last 15 year radiology is eaqual to all.but choice is depend on what u want to do?radiology is a branch u have knowledge of all branch and also good anatomy too.

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Re:Why did you choose radiology ? 6 years 7 months ago #1620

I strongly recommend you radiology. It is a very exciting subject. You are just like a detective and discover the disease step by step. It is also a new knoledge since Wilhem Rontgen discovered X ray in 1895. Although it is a young subject, but has been advanced rapidly in comparision to other subjects. Every morning you wake up something new has happened in this field. It is very interestig.
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Re:Why did you choose radiology ? 6 years 6 months ago #1710

Radiology would be a better option because of the following reasons firstly it has got to do with less physical activity and more of brain work and also keen observation is required. eyes see what the mind knows so one has to be well versed with almost all branches of medicine right from the basics i.e. anatomy is very important.
radiology has advanced much faster compared to the other branches of medicine and every day there is some form of advancement in various modalities of investigations and with the new modalities of investigation we are able to come closer to the correct diagnosis and thus helping in the better management of the patient.
when you are thinking of job with comparatively less risk,i mean risk associated with surgical branches and so on ,radiology would definitely be a better field to opt for.
but radiology is a dependent branch and you need to maintain good rapport with the referring physicians and surgeons. whenever we think of a doctor stethoscope comes into our mind but radiology is a branch where we actually never use stet h. this aspect sometimes bothers me. i was fascinated by the antenatal ultrasound in my years of under graduation in my radiology posting. i was so surprised when my madam was focusing the face of the baby in the womb and looking at the lip movements an counting the fetal heart rate and looking at tiny limbs moving in the womb .that antenatal ultrasound fascinated me very much.
radiology is definitely a challenging subject and has now become a demanding subject. .
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