Spartan doors are manufacturers of bespoke wooden doors and panels of the highest quality, finished in Veneer, Laminate, Paint, Polished or Stained. Our highly skilled craftsmen with traditional skills and modern technology allow us to offer a varied and versatile product range and we can produce truly unique one-off pieces.Get more information at fire doors website.

Our products include but isn’t limited to Fire Doors, Blast Doors, Industrial Doors, Acoustic Doors, Security Doors, Bespoke Doors, Wardrobes, Wall Panelling, Kitchen Cupboards, Boardroom Tables, Lift Interiors, Display Cabinets and we can produce any of these products to your exact specification. Our products can be seen in many prestigious venues from commercial, including hotels, department stores, airports, hospitals, schools and offices to private homes and palaces, we have even worked on projects for yachts!

Here at Spartan doors, we are equiped with modern wood-working equipment that is capable of any job that may be required. All our groundworks are pre-cut on a CNC saw. Edges can be lipped with any solid wood or laminate. Panels and doors can be calibrated with one of our two sanders. Spindle work to achieve various moulding designs.

The art of slicing and preparing veneers goes back a long way. Early pieces of furniture were veneered using saw cut veneers which were quite thick, similar to our modern day constructional veneers about 3mm, today most of the veneers (although not all) are cut with a blade to about 0.6mm. The old skills are alive today at Spartan Doors. We still produce the complicated patterns and inlays that came out of the East End of London before the war. We are very fortunate to have two presses and the capacity for larger pieces of work.