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Do not get scared by anyone if you are following all the rules as per the PC-PNDT law.1. This is an interesting guideline. Is there reason to be scared? If not, why this guideline? Have you been unfairly intimidated?


Just another case

Upside down: Corrupt interpretations

"For them it is just another case" he said with a resigned note when his friend asked him about his confiscated machine.


"This is life, and in life, one has to face many challenges," he continued, in a philosophical tone, and would sometimes even start falling back on the "Karma" theory which binds the life of Hindu civilization.

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Time for Radiology Driven Six Sigma

Radiology is a specialty which has to interact with all specialties and is at the core of modern day medical practice. So, when thinking of improving the hospital facilities and culture of our medical profession isn't it natural that we have a Radiology Driven Six Sigma?


What Is Six Sigma?
Six Sigma is a process improvement methodology that focuses on eliminating defects by reducing variation. Six Sigma relies heavily on statistical analysis of data and strong problem-solving techniques.

Six Sigma was first developed by Motorola in the early 1990s. It has been used extensively within companies such as GE, Allied Signal, and Sony and is now being widely deployed as a business strategy in organizations across the world.

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