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kem.jpgThe one thing that sets us apart from all other “repairers” is that we deal with human beings.


And these very human beings are the ones that surround us as we walk along the long and stately, but crowded, corridors of our hospital. They are so many of them that we bitterly complain about being besieged by them. But then, give this a thought in one of your leisurely moments. They are there, because they are sick or they are the near and dear ones of those who are sick. I never tire of saying this… they are here not because they want to .., but because they have to.

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I often think I hold a fascination for art. And as luck would have it I got admission in Banaras Hindu University's college of Medical sciences, (now I.M.S.) and was soon pulled towards the 'musical magnet' of Banaras. I could watch Sitara Devi, who was at the pinnacle of her career then, dance for ours sitting in a 'pandal' oblivious of the cruelty of December night. December and January are so cold in Banaras that you shiver like an epileptic with hoo, hoo, hoo' sound emanating from your mouth seeking solace. Sooner than not I became friendly with a sitar playing Bengali boy and while learning sitar I soon realized that Vocal and Instrumental music are in the 'class one' category (as an after thought I am inclined to including dance in it as people still like to watch Hema Malini, her age notwithstanding) and tabla (percussion instrument) in the second category. You may sing without the 'tabla man' and still be heard but are you ready to listen to tabla without the singer? not for long I know. Would you venture to anesthetize a patient without the hope of a surgeon turning up to operate? What will you do with the most modern Radiology equipment if a clinician does not send some patients to you? Now tell me where you stand, with the singers or the percussionists.


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