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Subtitle: Knowledge management systems and the universal mind

What  knowledge management systems exist in your organisation?

In our explorations and conversations together we try to seek the difference between the individual mind and the universal mind. As the relation between these two (the individual and universal) gains concrete form, and its own proper shape and appearance, one finds a life of the universal individual.


On "Inevitable Attrition"

Addressing the issue of "inevitable attrition" which Dr.Alok Varshney and Dr.Anuj Mishra raised while commenting on the article "A performance agreement' made me reflect on the nature of knowledge management systems which exist within our medical organisations. Employees must have free-flowing lines of communication between one another and need access to sources of knowledge -both inside and outside the organisation. That knowledge is often the raw material of creative thought.

Some companies have developed elaborate knowledge management systems to capture knowledge, store it, and make it easily available to reuse. These systems help ensure that what was learned by someone in Unit A doesn't have to be learned anew by someone in Unit B. Lee Sage has described DaimlerChrysler's Engineering Books of Knowledge (EBOKs), a knowledge management database containing technical data, lessons learned, and best practices that is made available to the company's engineering community. The purpose of the EBOKs, according to Sage, is to capture the expert knowledge of technical employees and use it to improve engineering productivity, speed new product development, and avoid repeating past mistakes. Consulting and tax accounting companies use knowledge management systems in similar ways (1).


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Of Cones and Numbers-Conversations with a Nephrologist

What about a good ultrasound in the hands of a skilled practitioner who knows something about the pathology and different manifestations? I asked a nephrologist who has recently returned from his many years in a Western university and was quizzing me regarding role of multislice spiral CT and  MRI in renal disease.


A Small notebook

Sometimes, lost in the maze of high sounding technology we tend to get carried away. This also pertains to the fact that many who are not conversant with the technology get overawed in front of persons who seem to be talking about very high end things.


As we celebrate the 200th birth year of Charles Darwin , one of the pillars of modern science a leading Evolutionary biologist said in an interview on this Father Figure who has shone the light for many, that one of the most important aspect of Darwin's work was recording things in a notebook.


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