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Did you identify any training needs for yourself in this exercise of reflecting on scanning protocols ? In previous entry we saw some issues relating to abdomen imaging.

As we jogged down the different systems we identified other areas where people are hesitant.

A relook at the Musculoskeletal system Protocols

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For it matters not how small the beginning may seem to be:

what is once well done is done forever.

Henry Thoreau, Civil Disobedience

The G7-G8 group of countries named “Lifelong learning” as a main strategy against unemployment. Having worked in the international “Global-work place” in a private corporate set-up and seen many “corporate-cruelties” in the name of “nothing-personal-just-business” one of the survival strategies is to have dedicated working groups.

A performance agreement

I will try to make you a technologist, and not remain a technician all your life.

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Forming Special focus groups

Forming Special Focus groups can help appreciate nuances otherwise lost in our “tunnel-vision-view-box” worlds. In previous entry we have discussed the VINDICATE grid to set protocols as per diseases.

The Pediatric Neurology Special focus group

“I initially missed out on this case,” Dr.Majdi Kara (See blog: ) admitted and told how Dr.Olivier had raised the possibility of this mentally retarded child having Muscular dystrophy.

Click on following image to watch Video

{rokbox title=|Mascular dystrophy| thumb=|| size=|425 373| album=|demo|}{/rokbox}
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Starting a MRI unit from scratch is an interesting and challenging exercise. Establishing one’s professional reputation is also a question of survival in different settings with referring consultants of different universities, training and temperament.

The layers of this were first set during early residency.

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There is a difference between the pressures faced in government hospitals and those that a private organizer puts on you when starting a new centre.

The commercially available protocols of most vendors will have to be tried in your setting. This involves planning as one sets out to test each and every protocol on test patients. Catching hold of staff who want to be scanned, (and finding unexpected things-one completely normal helper had a large syrinx in his entire cord but was roaming around absolutely normal, so we never told him...he is still normal). One cannot have a patient come in and then find that the particular sequence is not optimal.

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Not long ago there were few medical colleges. The doctors who came out of those colleges either went to private practice or joined state services. It was mostly the financial condition of the family that was a major guiding force. Few of them stayed back for post graduation. The admissions to PG courses were done on merit basis there was not much competition. If one did not get Medicine, Surgery and Gynecology then he went to Eye, ENT or Radiology. Though, even some bright students went for Pharmacology and Pathology and other non-clinical subjects. In which speciality you will earn more money was not the consideration. It was perhaps the respect and status and the peaceful life that they went for.


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